Intuit and Credit Karma Joining Together to Transform Personal Finance

Together creating a consumer finance platform that makes it simple for consumers to make better decisions with their money.

Making the right decisions on how to manage your money is hard.

Consumers want to know how to make better financial decisions but accessing the right financial products to do so is often challenging. That’s why Intuit and Credit Karma are joining together to put the power in consumers’ hands so everyone can find the products that are right for them, access the insights and advice necessary to make better financial decisions, and put more money in their pockets. 

Our goal is to help consumers make better decisions about their money by creating a consumer finance platform that works like a personalized financial assistant, connecting them to the products that are right for them. This easy-to-use platform will provide insights and advice about income, spending, credit history and how they are tracking towards their financial goals – all points that are too often difficult for consumers to access and understand. 

Together, we’re putting the power back in your hands to manage, monitor and improve your personal finances.

A message from Intuit Chief Executive Officer Sasan Goodarzi and Credit Karma
Founder and Chief Executive Officer Kenneth Lin

“By joining forces with Credit Karma, we can create a personalized financial assistant that will help consumers find the right financial products, put more money in their pockets and provide insights and advice, enabling them to buy the home they’ve always dreamed about, pay for education and take the vacation they’ve always wanted.”

– Sasan Goodarzi

“We could not have picked a better partner than Sasan and the Intuit team to accelerate our mission to champion financial progress for our members. Together, the scale of our combined companies will help us to invest in innovation, build faster and deliver products our consumers expect and deserve.”

– Kenneth Lin

Where do American Consumers Stand?

Struggling to Pay Down Debt and Save Money

60%Percentage of Americans that can’t come up with $1,000 in an emergency

$14.1THousehold debt in the U.S.

~50%Percentage of Americans living paycheck to paycheck

Challenged to Find the Right Financial Products   

$20-40BAmount consumers could realize in savings if they transferred their credit card loans to personal loans

$37BAmount consumers are overpaying on their auto loans alone

76%Percentage of loan applications that get declined

Seeking to Do Better but Need Assistance 

60%Percentage of consumers who say they are trying to improve their credit score

< 1/3 Number of Americans that feel comfortable with the amount of knowledge they have about managing their finances

7 out of 10 Consumers report having postponed a major financial decision