Powering Smart Decisions About Your Money

Our shared vision is to power consumers’ prosperity by making it simple for consumers to make better decisions about their money. Together, we’ll provide an easy-to-use personalized financial assistant that connects consumers to the financial products that are right for them. This will put the power in consumers’ hands, so they can reduce debt, maximize savings and put more money in their pockets.

Accessing Financial Support is Complex and Challenging

Many consumers struggle with not knowing or not fully understanding where they stand with their finances.

  • Household debt in the United States has reached $14.1 trillion
  • 23 million consumers relied on at least one payday loan in 2018 to get faster access to cash
  • 60% of consumers say that they are trying to improve their credit score but need help

We believe that if consumers had a single platform to better understand their financial health and opportunities to improve it, they could save billions. 

Consumers want to be more informed about their fiscal health and the products available to them. At the same time, financial service providers often struggle to reach consumers who would qualify for products that could help them. That’s where Intuit and Credit Karma come in.

Simplifying How Consumers Make Financial Decisions

We’re transforming the personal finance industry for consumers. Our platform will provide consumers with transparent access to their critical personal finance information – including their income, spending, and credit history – to help them better understand their complete financial picture and use it to their advantage.

Our commitment to our customers is to provide easy-to-use, transparent and personalized financial product offerings that help them reduce debt and maximize savings faster. With Credit Karma’s technology, consumers can be matched with the right financial products for them, including pre-approved offers on loans and credit cards. Our goal is to provide consumers with access to some of the lowest rates in the industry, and help them avoid unnecessary fees, lower their cost of borrowing, avoid a negative impact on their credit, raise the return on savings and have faster access to cash.

Putting Money Back in Consumers’ Pockets

By bringing together trusted connections between consumers and over 100 financial partners in this innovative and transparent way, we will lower costs for all involved and level the financial playing field for consumers – regardless of economic status. We’re increasing competition to the benefit of consumers. By leveraging Intuit’s and Credit Karma’s combined technology capabilities, and a vision to transform personal finance, we’ll offer more solutions and more value to consumers, putting more money in their pockets faster than they can get it today.