Likeminded Teams
and Vision

Together we can have a transformational impact.

A Common Goal and Shared Vision 

Intuit and Credit Karma are both mission-driven technology companies. Our employees drive our success. We share a culture of customer obsession, technology-driven innovation and a common goal of empowering consumers to make smart decisions about their money. This includes driving and investing in new innovations centered on making personal finances easier for both consumers and financial service providers.

But together, Credit Karma and Intuit can do more to make it simple for consumers to make better decisions about their money.

Powering Prosperity Around the World

Together, we aspire to achieve far more than either company could alone. The reality is that while the fintech industry is ripe with innovation and investment, we don’t think anyone, with our collective capabilities, is pursuing a personalized financial assistant to help consumers address these challenges.

We will be able to collaborate and combine insights from our complementary consumer offerings and technological capabilities to create a transformative consumer finance platform that works like a personalized financial assistant connecting consumers to the products that are right for them. We’ll be able to invest more in innovation which will inspire and lead the industry to create more breakthrough products that offer more value for consumers and do more to help unlock billions of dollars in savings for consumers.

As a combined company with shared technology capabilities, best-in-class talent and a common vision, we’ll be able to scale to enable financial progress for hundreds of millions of consumers and transform the fintech industry.